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CORROSION PROTECTION METHODS. There are many methods to reduce corrosion in all types of structures. Specifically in steel pipelines there are three main types: coatings, corrosion inhibitors and cathodic

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Pipeline coatings are applied to both pipe runs and girth welds. A STACK OF COATED PIPE. PERFORMANCE EXPECTATIONS OF PIPELINE COATINGS. Long-term protection of the pipeline steel surfaces from corrosion. Compatibility with cathodic protection. INSTALLING A COATED PIPELINE IN THE TRENCH.


coatings, and was a speaker at numerous seminars on the subject. The late Mr. Sloan was an active and long-standing member of NACE, AWWA, and Western Pipeliners.

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TIMP: Applying External Corrosion Direct Assessment (ECDA) and Guided Wave Testing (GWT) Scott Riccardella Product Manager 877-4SI-POWER

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The report provides concise information on the state of pipeline corrosion control, the gaps in current knowledge, and the direction of current research and development. While not formally or

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This report, Oil Pipeline Characteristics and Risk Factors: Illustrations from the Decade of Construction, provides a description of the technologies, materials and construction practices and their evolution over time, including a discussion of the physical properties of steel.


• Inspect coatings for damage • Inspect bare pipe for pitting and uniform wall loss. ... Coating Cathodic Protection Current Protects Exposed Area ... Microsoft PowerPoint - CATHODIC PROTECTION SYSTEM DESIGN.ppt [Compatibility Mode] Author: sleahy

Liquid epoxy coatings for today's pipeline coating challenges

Liquid epoxy coatings for today's pipeline coating challenges J Banach Specialty Polymer Coatings, Inc., Canada ... allowed the development of high strength steels for use as line pipe. Line pipe used for ... As with other pipeline coatings, the surface tolerant epoxy must possess the …

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Comprised of approximately 200,000 miles of pipe in all fifty states, liquid petroleum pipelines carried more than 40 million barrels per day, or 4 trillion barrel-miles, of crude oil and refined products during 2001.


by Bredero Shaw to protect pipelines for onshore and offshore applications, including the High Performance Composite Coating system (HPCC), low temperature application technology for powder coating on high strength steels, and

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extending pipe life A number of factors affect the longevity of a pipeline. These include quality of construction and protective coating systems, cathodic protection, nature of the environment, operating conditions, and quality and fre-

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Coating Characteristics Performance in Corrosive Environments Galvanized Steel in Action. What is Corrosion Corrosion (n) The chemical or electrochemical reaction between a material and its environments that ... Microsoft PowerPoint - Corrosion Protection.ppt [Read-Only]

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olefin pipeline coating constitutes a critical point where it is necessary to find a coating avoiding gap of protection and allowing a good adherence between all the coatings.

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So call Alpine Painting today and talk to one of our Sales Representatives to find out how Alpine can help you with all your pipeline painting needs. Schedule an Estimate Call Dave Scaturro, Commercial Painting Specialist, at (973) …

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The pipe coating sector of the industrial bitumen market is relatively small (about 3%) but, nevertheless, is an extremely important and demanding area. The pipe coating market as calculated by

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PE 607: Oil & Gas Pipeline Design, Maintenance & Repair 7 BASIC TERMS • Corrosion is the deterioration of metal pipe, caused by a reaction between the metallic pipe and its surroundings. • Cathodic protection is a procedure by which an underground metallic pipe is protected against corrosion.

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So call Alpine Painting today and talk to one of our Sales Representatives to find out how Alpine can help you with all your pipeline painting needs. Schedule an Estimate Call Dave Scaturro, Commercial Painting Specialist, at (973) 279-3200 x224 or use our online application.

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DuPont is committed to the plant pipe-coating industry and offers the products, services, experience and technical support to help minimize most plant-applied coating and maintenance costs.

Standard Practice In-Line Inspection of Pipelines

pipeline or to facilitate inspection of the pipeline. Combination Tool: An instrumtented in-line inspection tool designed to perform both geometry (deformation) inspections as well as metal loss inspections with a single tool chassis.

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Mitigating AC Corrosion on Cathodically Protected Pipelines | 1. To fully assess the risks associated with induced AC, all co-located facilities ... resistance, pipeline coating defect size, pH at the pipeline surface, and changes in pipeline …


First, main line coating where this coating is applied to every pipe section with the exception of the last 6" of both ends and second, girth weld where the pipe ends are coated in the field and after the pipe joints are welded.

Trends in Pipe Coating –An Operator's Perspective

Trends in Pipe Coating –An Operator's Perspective John P. La Fontaine Exxonmobil Development Company Group Lead –Corrosion Control Michael B. Surkein ... Microsoft PowerPoint - 1031027 - NAPCA LaFontaine and Surkein Presentation - 1 - HOUSTON.PPT [Compatibility Mode]

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The same term applies for coating applied on the welded joint between a pipe and a pipeline component (e.g. a bend or valve body) with pre-fabricated coating. In this document, the term "FJC" is used

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coatings have therefore been a logical development in light of the more stringent environmental requirements and the demand for more commercially attractive alternatives compared to conventional industrial liquid coatings. There are many advantages that make the choice of

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Pipeline Corrosion Unprotected pipelines, whether buried in the ground, exposed to the atmosphere, or submerged in water, ... Four common methods used to control corrosion on pipelines are protective coatings and linings, cathodic protection, materials selection, and inhibitors.

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Induced AC Mitigation for Safety and Corrosion Control . 2011 Gas/Electric Partnership Conference XIX Cypress, Texas February 9th, ... – Have poor coating ;) 2011 Gas/Electric Partnership Conference XIX Cypress, Texas ... • Equation to determine the AC current density at a pipeline coating holiday: iac – AC current density (amp/m^2)

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Scotchkote fusion bonded epoxy coating 134 is a one - part, heat curable, thermosetting epoxy coating designed for corrosion protection of metal . The epoxy is applied to preheated steel as a dry powder which melts and cures to a

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RESICOAT® powder coatings for pipelines have long been established in the oil and gas industry to provide corrosion protection for pipeline investments. AkzoNobel is a world leader in the supply of powder coatings.


pipe mill, the economics are good for the pipeline owners to receive coated pipe of the highest integrity that is designed to last for the full projected life of the asset. The main generic types of pipeline coatings in use today include coal tar enamel, poly-

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Underground Pipeline Coatings • Mill or Plant Applied • Field Applied • Line Coatings • Repair Coatings • Coating Discussion • Coating Cost ... The pipe exits the coating booth where jets have applied a coating to the hot pipe with an average coating thickness of 15 mils.

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03 04 Product Description - TC-2000SS is epoxy-phenolic coating, for use in high temperature and pressure environment of natural gas wells with high content of H2S and CO2. - Material has excellent corrosion resistance, effectively prevent pitting, can be used in various drilling mud systems.