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verb (used with object) to be or serve as a covering for; extend over; rest on the surface of: Snow covered the fields. to place something over or upon, as for protection, concealment, or warmth.

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A glacier outburst flood resulting from the failure of a glacier-ice-dam, glacier-sediment-dam, or from the melting of glacier ice by a volcanic eruption (Icelandic). Kame A sand and gravel deposit formed by running water on stagnant or moving-glacier ice.

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CHP 17. STUDY. PLAY. ... Glacial melt-water deposits of sand and gravel are collectively referred to as: A) pluvial remains B) ground moraines C) glacial outwash ... A smooth hill, modest in size, elliptical in shape and which rises from a till plain is called a/an: A) esker B) kettle C) drumlin D) kame E) roche moutonee. C) drumlin.

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in a stream that carries gravel, sand, silt, and clay sized sediment, explain how these sediments would be deposited Definition the biggest thing drops first-----gravel, sand, silt, clay

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Medical Definition of gravel 1 : a deposit of small calculous concretions in the kidneys and urinary bladder — compare microlith 2 : the condition that results from the presence of deposits of gravel

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These are accumulations of sand, gravel, loam, silt, and/or clay, and are often important aquifers, the water being drawn from them being pre-filtered compared to the water in the stream. Geologically ancient floodplains are often represented in the landscape by stream terrace s.

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Aquifer Basics Links. Home. Unconsolidated and semiconsolidated sand and gravel aquifers. The principal water-yielding aquifers of North America can be grouped into five types: unconsolidated and semiconsolidated sand and gravel aquifers, sandstone aquifers, carbonate-rock aquifers, aquifers in interbedded sandstone and carbonate rocks, and aquifers in igneous and metamorphic rocks.

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Search gravel plain and thousands of other words in English definition and synonym dictionary from Reverso. You can complete the definition of gravel plain given by the English Definition dictionary with other English dictionaries: Wikipedia, Lexilogos, Oxford, Cambridge, Chambers Harrap, Wordreference, Collins Lexibase dictionaries, …

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At early dawn they scrutinized the surrounding plain, to discover whether any enemies had been lurking about during the night; not a foot-print, however, was to be discovered in the coarse gravel with which the plain was covered.

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The slower moving meltwater deposits gravel and sand on an outwash plain. Eskers and fans are important sources of gravel and sand. This is used for roads and buildings.

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Plain definition, clear or distinct to the eye or ear: a plain trail to the river; to stand in plain view. See more. ... Plain dealer "one who deals plainly or speaks candidly" is from 1570s, ... plains can be humid and forested, semiarid and grass-covered, or arid. A broad, level expanse, such as an area of the sea floor or a lunar mare. Show ...

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A till plain is behind (towards the direction of retreat) of a moraine, and the outwash plain is in front of the moraine. A till plain is composed of unsorted material (till) of all sizes with much clay, an outwash plain is mainly stratified (layered and sorted) gravel …

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PLAIN VE LEWIS VD GARNER NE 82ND AVE NE AND ON ALE VE Y VE TIMMEN VE RD THUR DR CENTER VE TH ... Bedrock or sand and gravel mine with an active surface mine reclamation permit ... Resource Definition Gravel Bedrock INTRODUCTION The Growth Management Act (GMA) requires that local jurisdictions identify and ...

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This photo shows a rocky ridge in the background, and a gravelly glacial outwash plain with a sharply defined fissure through the left side in the foreground. This large crack in outwash gravel is a permafrost feature and marks the location of a massive ice wedge.

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A desert pavement, also called reg (in the western Sahara), serir (eastern Sahara), gibber (in Australia), or saï (central Asia) is a desert surface covered with closely packed, interlocking angular or rounded rock fragments of pebble and cobble size.

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The soil groups of the Great Plains are correlated with rainfall and natural grass cover. In the more humid region with taller, heavier grass cover, deep, black soils (mollisols) with much organic matter developed. Sections with less moisture have lighter, shallower soils with less organic matter ...

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Alluvial deposit: Alluvial deposit, Material deposited by rivers. It consists of silt, sand, clay, and gravel, as well as much organic matter. Alluvial deposits are usually most extensive in the lower part of a river's course, forming floodplains and deltas, but they may form at any point where the river overflows

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The image below shows the flat plain of Glacial Lake Saginaw, near the town of Swan Creek. Marl deposited in the glacial lake beds is used for cement and fertilizer. Three cement plants in the State, at Coldwater, Fenton, and Cement City once operated wholly on marl.

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A biography of the Australian continent. . Gibber Plains. The name 'gibber' comes from the Aboriginal word for stone. It is very appropriate for the gibber plains, none more so than Sturt's Stony Desert.It is believed by some to be the most inhospitable place in Australia.

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3/4 – 1" clean rounded gravel. It is used in drainage applications. 57's are also used as a base underneath concrete. It is also common to use this material as back fill …


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Water Science Glossary of Terms. ... alluvium--deposits of clay, silt, sand, gravel, or other particulate material that has been deposited by a stream or other body of running water in a streambed, on a flood plain, on a delta, or at the base of a mountain.

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Chapter 10 (Geology Exam Two) Streams and floods. STUDY. PLAY. Define: The Hydrologic Cycle ... usually sand and gravel, deposited in the middle or along the banks of a stream. Define: Placer Deposits. ... Define: Flood plain. Is a broad strip of land built …

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A reader wants to know how crushed gravel rates as a driveway material. By "crushed gravel" driveways I mean those composed of coarse sand intermixed with small stones. But this terminology is regional, and many find it confusing. So let me be clear that what I mean by "crushed gravel" driveways ...

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Glacial Cape Cod. The geologic history of Cape Cod mostly involves the advance and retreat of the last continental ice sheet (named the Laurentide after the Laurentian region of Canada where it first formed) and the rise in sea level that followed the retreat of the ice sheet.

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A gravel covered plain is called a Reg. A reg is a desert basinwhere the sand has been blown away leaving a gravel covered plain.

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The hill is covered in gravel so that the trucks wheels will slide up the hill instead of rolling up the hill. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the tires and the gravel is k.

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A gravel covered plain is called a Reg. A reg is a desert basin where the sand has been blown away leaving a gravel covered plain.

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Gravel vs Sand . The word soil, when used in normal contents, just refers to that on which we all stand. However, engineers define (in construction) soil as any earth material that can be moved without blasting, while geologists define as rocks or sediments altered by weathering.

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The surface is everywhere covered up by a thick bed of gravel, which extends far and wide over the open plain. View in context But when once they passed the line of circumvallation and found themselves in the open plain, D'Artagnan, who was completely ignorant of what was going forward, thought it was time to demand an explanation.

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Gravel beds occur locally, especially in updip areas such as near New Egypt, Ocean County, in the Atlantic Highlands and in the highlands west of Barnegat, Ocean County, in the southern part of the central sheet and in mixed marine and nonmarine facies in the northeastern part of the southern sheet where gravel occurs in well-defined channels.

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Surficial Geologic Materials in Southern California Alluvial Deposits ... Alluvium is: ".a more or less stratified deposit of gravel, sand, silt, clay, or other debris, moved by streams from higher to lower ground." ... --SCAMP uses the term alluvial valley in a way similar to the Glossary of Geology's definition of alluvial plain: ...